Our Story

Jeffery Searcy a.k.a.  “J Bo”
Product Developer, National, International Educator and SpeakerSpeaker
Jeffery L. Searcy a.k.a  J. Bo, was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. a.k.a “Dirty South”, ATL, or HotLanta.   Jeff would like to give all credit to the one GOD who makes it all possible.  Jeff has been barbering for over 25yrs.  He came in the area of all haircut style was in from the HighTop Box Fade, Finger Wavers, S-Curls, The Gumpy,  High Right Low Left and many more to name.  Which were the good ol days, he admits.  Over Jeff’s 25yrs of barbering he has seen many things change for the good and bad.  The bad?  Barbering has gone from being a Barber to I cut hair.  It was a time being called a Master Barber was a proud statement to tell people.  The Non Professional so-call barbers who has taking barbering down from being look as a professional occupational to a shade tree barber.  Now the professional barbering has gone from being a plain barber to a Barber Artist.  The real money is being wanted to be an “Elite” Barber above
the rest.

Wanting to be more than a barber behind the chair, Jeff got into creating products. To make barbering easy for him and other barbers.

Jeff started a family own business name S.enterprise in 1995 and created over seven products.  His first product THE Cord Detangler in 1995.  And from there he went on to create THE BARBER MAGIC PENCIL, THE BARBER DRY SHAMPOO, DA BLEND N PEN, DEEP TISSUE FACIAL CLEANSING and a great pass time game for barbers, clients THE CAN YOU SLANG GAME .

2013 Jeff has done it again with a product and technique “DABLEND N & AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE.”  This product & technique is the hottest idea in the barber industry.
“DABLEND N & AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE” will turn barber’s from being a regular barber into a well-known barber shop platform artist

Jeff wanted to add some enhancement to the barber industry by speaking and having barber technique workshop classes at national & international Barber and Beauty Hair Show.   Jeff have also help barbers  to get their recognition in making the world look good.